Weekly Sales Targets

Every Monday Set Goals and Daily Intentions to Achieve your weekly financial Goal. When you are in business, you need to behave like a business, which means having goals, setting targets, managing your diary and taking action to implement the goals. And most importantly, sticking to them!

Break down what you need to sell to make your money. Having a clear idea of what you needs makes it all more real and achievable.

eg. A Coach could…..

To make $1000 that week,  you could sell:

1 x $500 one on one program

1 x $200 Group Program

2 x $100 Workshop

4 x $25 Online Program  

= $1000 

How many weekly do you need to make that happen?

– Leads/Enquiries?

– Sales Calls?

– Emails ?

– Meetings?

How will you create those opportunities? What could you do in your business to make that happen?

Book the activity and the action into your diary. What money-generating activities are you doing this week?

– Webinars

– Workshops

– Events 

– Podcasts

– Networking

– Retargeting

– Follow-up calls 

– Collaborations

– Joint ventures 

What is the Objective? What is the call to action? What is the action?

Put both the action and the follow-up action into your diary.  At the end of the week, review what worked and did not and make the necessary changes to improve next week. Be kind to yourself and also give gratitude for your successes.  You need to constantly monitor what works and what does not so that you can focus your energy on what works.

Book a one on one call to find out what services would help you best!

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