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Hi, I'm Chantal Gerardy, your Facebook friend!

Over the past decade, I’ve worked in the fitness industry beginning as a part-time personal trainer, working around three small children after emigrating from South Africa to the Gold Coast in 2008. Initially, I worked for other people but like all true entrepreneurs, I saw how I could improve on the current model of delivering personal training, opening my own fitness business in 2010.  I then branched out opening a health, wellness and fitness centre to support other professionals in my industry.


My biggest challenge was I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Beginning a new businesses meant I had to start again, over and over, finding new clients without a marketing budget. I was overwhelmed, confused and worn out. I didn’t know how to use social media effectively and I couldn’t afford someone to help me. Facebook became my ‘GO TO’ platform.

The biggest bonus of having to start over again is I learnt how NOT to do things.  After winning the Empowered Mums award in 2015 for my work helping other health, wellness and fitness businesses, I began to invest in learning how to better Coach Business owners on how to use Facebook. I was seeing a lot of ‘experts’ spruiking how to do Facebook, but I knew, as a solo business, having the money to employ someone to manage my social media for me was the challenge and many ‘experts’, had no clue on even the basics of how to set up or safely use the platform. I got my Cert. IV In Small business and started niching on Facebook. I knew from my own experience, using Facebook to generate leads for free was/is possible by understanding how the platform and algorithm works. As a Facebook strategist over the last 4 years, I have been able to show other business owners how to use Facebook to market and grow their businesses. Many people do not understand Facebook and I empower them and give them the skills to use it safely, and effectively without it costing them a fortune.


Chantal Gerardy
I find my customers for BOTH my businesses on Facebook using my program, demonstrating how effective my program is. My target audience is other micro/small businesses like mine – solo operators or with 2 to 3 employees, without a big marketing budget. The key element of Chantal Gerardy – Facebook Strategist is my customer service – a simplified approach to one-on-one training to empower small businesses to manage their own Facebook. I charge a weekly rate that is affordable. My approach is hands-on and practical. Teaching people how to use Facebook is cost effective and is filling a gap. By teaching my clients the Facebook basics – setting effective profiles, using groups, how to engage and create great content – I am preparing businesses for the next step. What is so powerful about doing business face-to-face with my demographic is they listen and learn concepts differently, they like to ask questions. It is more powerful to get across the training and strategies I develop because I can connect with them.

I have worked with businesses who have been in business for over five years but not making any money because they are trying to do too many things and not get the basics right. While working face-to-face with people is not especially innovation, it is about listening to your target audience and delivering a powerful and useful service that meets their needs and helps them move to the next phase of business. I do not perspective strategies; every one I do is unique and considers my clients are not techy or no marketing experts.  I work on their strengths and consider that their unique strategy is user-friendly and enjoyable for the business owner.


Are you a business owner who is completely overwhelmed by this new era of marketing and networking by using Facebook?

Well, I help Business Owners gain basic skills and confidence with using Facebook. I show them how to stand out, get found, get more clients, run events and grow their business all using the services of Facebook. With some simple skills and strategies, your business can be found online & will Flourish.

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– Chantal

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