Done for You is just that…  We do it all for you!!

Is there something in particular that you need help with in your business?
Maybe you are stuck and not quite sure where to from here?
We can help!


The process:

After an initial and in depth consultation with you to better understand you and your business requirements, my team and I will go to work to provide you with the best option to suit not only your budget, but your business’s needs.

You see, each business is different and therefore my bespoke and personalised services that are tailored to each individual business, will ensure that you are set up to succeed and more importantly take back some of your precious time.

My team and I are experts in our fields and can assist you in your business from Social Media Management through to Virtual Assistance services.  My hands on approach means you will have access to not only me but my entire team of experts.

Just recently we have been helping a business owner who go into a spot of trouble.  The digital marketing agency they were working with ceased operation and took the ownership of their WordPress theme with them.  This meant the website could not be updated and eventually crashed.  A valuable lesson learned here and a very costly one at that.  At the minimum, you should always have access to:

  • Domain (website address)
  • Hosting (website storage like Dropbox or Google Drive for your website data)
  • Your website (especially if you’re using a CMS like Wix, Squarespace etc)
  • WordPress Theme (design & layout of your website)
  • Any other purchases associated with your website (plugins etc)

Start your year in a good place by asking your current website designer / agency to make sure you are set up as the owner, and then keep the details somewhere safe!

Ready to take the next step?

Below are just some of the services we can help you with in your business.  Browse through and if when you are ready to chat, click the link for a personalised consultation with me so we can work out your personalised solution.


Let’s do this!!!!!!


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