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    positive review  I have recently joined Chantal's program and even though I'm only 6 days into it I have learned so much already. I am happy to say I'm already managing my time better too thanks to her Time Management module. No stone is left unturned.

    Vicki Doolan Avatar Vicki Doolan
    June 11, 2020

    positive review  I greatly appreciate Chantal's guidance to help me set up my Facebook business page. She's slowed down the pace for me so I can get onboard and move forward. She's shared her experience & knowledge with me. It's great being part of a group of like minded people who receive ongoing support. ☆♡

    Julianne Evans Avatar Julianne Evans
    March 2, 2018

    positive review  so much to learn but Chantal makes it accessible and understandable.. I have a lot of homework and still figuring out my presence, huge thanks for your patience and clarity xx Time well spent

    Andi Papettas Avatar Andi Papettas
    November 7, 2018

    positive review  Just completed a session with Chantal that revealed a bunch a stuff i had no idea about within FB marketing. Well worth investment!

    Dean Kenway Avatar Dean Kenway
    May 21, 2018

    positive review  Chantal has shown how to leverage my Fb Page and all the content that I have to maximize and increase my sales. Also, to improve my personal account and get the right message to the right people. Great program!! Highly recommended to any business owner.

    Emilio Cansing Avatar Emilio Cansing
    July 24, 2019

    positive review  A fantastic first session with Chantal Gerardy, can't wait for the changes to start flowing through with an abundance of client conversions and the amazing changes ready to happen for them. Especially for my business and income to expand, yay! Covid19 be gone! So much easier in person no more feeling like a gumby, so much to share, strategies, systems, connections with other collaborators. So excited!!

    Bernie Bernadette Giggins Avatar Bernie Bernadette Giggins
    August 19, 2020

    positive review  Chantal is a professional in her field, full of awesome insights into FB marketing and business education. I had the pleasure of interviewing Chantal on my podcast ‘A Harmony Inspired Life’ & has her present at my business mastermind group. Thank you Chantal!!!! You rock!

    Harmony Robinson-Stagg Avatar Harmony Robinson-Stagg
    February 10, 2020

    positive review  Great content to build Facebook interaction, thanks Chantal

    Sonya Gibbons Avatar Sonya Gibbons
    April 18, 2020

    positive review  Chantal is a Facebook guru. Wish I found her services earlier

    Luke Kennedy Avatar Luke Kennedy
    February 27, 2020

    positive review  Spent the morning listing to Chantal giving her expertise and knowledge about building my business "Unique Candelabras" on Facebook. Just a wealth of knowledge!!

    Heather Abbot Avatar Heather Abbot
    April 2, 2019

    positive review  When we first started with Chantal I was unsure of what we were going to learn as I thought I knew quite a lot about Facebook... I was wrong! Chantal has taught us things we would never have even thought about doing to benefit the way we run and also how people see our business! She’s taught us ways to speak to clients which in order for them to purchase our highest packages rather than our lowest! So grateful �

    Lexie Rose Holden Avatar Lexie Rose Holden
    June 14, 2018

    positive review  I have been working with Chantal through both her 8 week Facebook Mastery Course and her DIY course recently. We have just relocated our business @Beaumont Air Conditioning Solutions and expanded our services and have gone from having little FB presence, as we previously didn’t need to market our services, to needing to get our name out there in our target market quickly but both thoroughly and professionally.Chantal has developed a program that is very easy to understand, with lots of practical examples and guidance in how to develop a market leading FB strategy as well as providing amazing business coaching at the same time.In just a few weeks applying tactics I have learnt both within the FB platform as well,as additional programs like Canva, we have made significant changes to our page and seen our engagement increase by over 300% in this short period of time.Thank you Chantal for instilling a lot more confidence in this FB business novice! The learning curve has been huge but invaluable in every way! If you are like me and know your social media marketing strategies need to be improved but feel overwhelmed by how much is involved...@Chantal Online Business Strategist is for you. I wish I had found her earlier ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Suzanne Worsley Avatar Suzanne Worsley
    May 21, 2021

    positive review  Amazing and so helpful! I had no idea what to expect at first but after only a couple of hours I was absolutely amazed at how much Chantal helped us. Her knowledge is excellent and she makes it so easy to understand. Alot to take in but can't wait for our next session. Highly recommend her!🙌🙂

    Megan Broderick Avatar Megan Broderick
    February 18, 2019

    positive review  Made the training informative, interactive and effective. Every businessperson/business needs this service! It is so hard to stay up to date with social media and Chantal makes it seem so simple with her structured and step by step approach.

    Lauren Venn Avatar Lauren Venn
    November 24, 2020

    positive review  Great coach. Extensive knowledge of how to utilise faceb ook enable business success.

    Christiana Eze Avatar Christiana Eze
    November 24, 2020

    positive review  Thanks Chantal, I have really learnt a heap of information in your workshop today.

    Graeme Walton Avatar Graeme Walton
    June 7, 2019

    positive review  I found Chantel's social media workshop really helpful. There were alot of mistakes on my social media platforms that I didn't know about. She was able to help me sort them out.

    Dominique Sanday Avatar Dominique Sanday
    September 10, 2021

    positive review  Chantal is so enthusiastic and very helpful. Where I need clarity Chantal is on the ball. I am on the 8 week program and I have already cleared my desk and backlog.

    Luxor Mack Avatar Luxor Mack
    February 25, 2021

    positive review  An amazing course if you need any help with your Facebook business. Highly recommended.

    Carlene Anderson Avatar Carlene Anderson
    June 7, 2019

    positive review  Chantal's F/book Audit helped me see and think outside the box with ways I could market my business better. In addition the 10wk social media course helps you step by step to help you achieve results. I like that she's honest and upfront but so helpful at the same time. Highly recommend Chantal Gerardy. Thank you!

    Tenille Henderson Avatar Tenille Henderson
    July 29, 2021

    positive review  Fun Informative Knowledgeable

    Kelly Crew Avatar Kelly Crew
    February 13, 2020

    positive review  I've only worked with Chantal for a couple of weeks now and already feel a load lifted off my shoulders. This is one very smart boss lady who absolutely knows Facebook inside and out - but explains it in simple layman's terms. I'm looking forward to the rest of the 8 week Mastery Course.

    Lorraine Hollitt Avatar Lorraine Hollitt
    October 7, 2020

    positive review  11/10 highly recommend Chantal Gerady. I am continuously blown away but how HELPFUL her training, coaching and strategies are. I have been gifted with practical, logical, easy to implement, super clear action steps I can and have put into my business with massive results. Her coaching is personalised, she meets me and my business where I am in the journey. None of this fluffy generic stuff I have received from other coaches or programmes - where I am left feeling still overwhelmed not knowing where to start - Chantal is giving me real coaching and real results. In my first session with her the strategy she came up with blew me away and has absolutely skyrocketed business, and given me more time to work ‘on’ the business rather than just in it. Mind blown. Before I started working with Chantal I was feeling so overwhelmed, stressed and all over the place chasing my tail, and now I actually feel calm, productive and successful! It’s the change in how I feel that has the best impact on me. As well as business support, she provides emotional support too. I am seriously so grateful. We can learn the hard way, or we can hire someone to show us the easy way, and that’s absolutely what Chantal has done for me. Do yourself a favour and book in to work with Chantal today! Thanks again Chantal, I’m telling all my friends about you. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Jessica Loveday Avatar Jessica Loveday
    July 24, 2021

    positive review  Yay! Thankyou Chantal. I didn't think strategising could be so much fun. I thought Ilka and i were doing OK with presenting our business on Facebook, but no, we were presenting a mish-mash of info! Now we are much clearer and look forward to helping many more mothers. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders - which is exactly what i would love to do for struggling parents.

    Jo Drennan Avatar Jo Drennan
    June 6, 2019

    positive review  Great session in Hobart this morning with Chantal Gerardy helping I Want Energy with their Facebook strategy.

    Rob Manson Avatar Rob Manson
    February 27, 2020

    positive review  I had a training session with Chantal and I found her to be by far one of the best strategists around. Her knowledge is invaluable and I am already putting into place strategies to better improve my business Facebook page. Thank you again Chantal 🙂

    Kelly Zago Avatar Kelly Zago
    August 8, 2019

    positive review  One of the many things about being successful in business is having high standards, clarity and being direct, well that is what has worked for me with Mentoring Trades and Builders for the last 28 years,So, I was very happy when I was connected with Chantal, as I see her in the same light, I was after the very best person to coach my participants in Facebook and Instagram, and I found her, and I am keeping herSpending an hour with her today one on one was great, she was direct, to the point, she • Confirmed somethings I already knew • I found out things I did not know • She has got me to do some things I should have done ages ago • We worked out what’s next, the planIf you don’t get her onboard you are crazy You need to be crazy about your business to work with herMiles Primrose Australia’s Trades and Building Business Mentor BusienssSight

    Miles Primrose Avatar Miles Primrose
    August 5, 2021

    positive review  Chantal's ability to review your business and create a personalised strategy to attract and engage your perfect clients is phenomenal. Facebook is just one of the social media platforms she has assisted me with. Her knowledge and understanding of Google, LinkedIn & Instagram means you have all of your social media connections covered giving you the best chance of success.

    Sheryn Ellis Avatar Sheryn Ellis
    July 16, 2019

    positive review  Chantal was an incredible support when our business needed it most! Amazing service and understanding, thank you so much!

    Rebecca Evans Avatar Rebecca Evans
    November 19, 2020

    positive review  Kind, patient and super smart!! My facebook was hacked and I was a pile of nerves and she was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process!! Highly recommend her services!!

    Carol Prado Avatar Carol Prado
    January 18, 2021