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Investing in yourself means having total control of your business. Yes… YOU, The business owner.

Nobody knows your business better than you do. You have the passion, you understand your clients, and you are the person most driven to succeed.

Chantal Gerardy expert social media marketing consultant and business strategist

What you really need is Clarity, Direction, and Support. You don't know what you don't know, and that's where I can help.

In fact, this will save you time, money, and stress.

Learn from an award-winning consultant who has a no-nonsense teaching style and the passion to bring out the best in people, even those who think they can’t.

Take Charge of Your Business

The online mastery program

Can be done as an eight-week programme where we meet for an hour online or in person. If done online you can have the recordings. We can also do your program as a half day. The half-day strategy session is for business owners that can consume large amounts of information and strategy and can take action and implement it right away. There will be availability for 15-minute calls and feedback through emails to support you implementing that within eight weeks afterwards

In this program, we will identify roadblocks or things that are stopping you from maximising your online marketing potential and if there are things that potentially holding you back – it may be through your setup, it may be through the way that you’re utilising your social media or email marketing or it may even be through the funnels that you’ve created or the way that you are attempting to communicate what it is that you do

There will be a key focus on developing skills, coming up with income-producing strategies when developing the funnels, as well as looking at systems within your business that can be used more effectively and simply so you can spend less time online and get a much better result.

There’s a key focus on increasing productivity and looking at specific ways that you can scale and grow, helping you identify the blind spots within the business and explore pathways or funnels that haven’t been explored.

We will also look at financial objectives on how to be able to improve the financial income or the number of sales that you make, but also look at more profitable, desirable offers.

land your dream clients

avoid expensive mistakes

generate paying clients

implement a strategy

This Program Will Help You:

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What tools you'll have access to with Online Mastery

You’ll gain clarity and confidence in who your audience is and what it is that they want to buy from you is crucial in this program.

Differentiation in the marketplace is key along with looking at specific tools that you could be used within the business to make your life online easier and more effective.

This is for business owners who are sick and tired of running around the hamster wheel and they just want to get off.

There are other business owners out there who are making lots of money enjoying their life spending a lot less time online and you could be one of those people.

At the end of the day the person who does social media best is the one who gets the clients there is an easy way to do things and then there’s the hard way to do things and unfortunately, we don’t know what we don’t know.

You may also see other people using specific strategies but they may not be the right strategies for you and in fact, trying to go down their strategy pathway may actually be contributing towards you getting further away from your success.

Besides the incredible one on one coaching and expert advice, you have access to my tech team for advice on the techy stuff that may be preventing you from making sales. Last week, we changed one client’s payment gateway which resulted in 1/3 more conversions and 50 fewer abandoned carts. An email campaign resulted in $23k when relooking at the buyer’s persona and sending the appropriate campaign. It’s these things that make all the difference. It’s the strategy, one on one hand holding and expert support and direction.


Let’s do this!

Easily Overwhelmed? This program will take you Step-By-Step

Have you ever silently envied those thriving businesses online with their thousands of ready-to-buy-anything fans and thought to yourself “How are they doing it??”

Ever felt the pressure to “catch up” whenever you see startups from last year grow into booming businesses this year because of social media? Did you also try to do it yourself but hit a dead-end when it came to the technical stuff? It’s not your fault. There is so much information out there it’s hard to know where to start, some of the tutorials on the internet are just too darned technical, they’ll drive anyone crazy!

When I was still struggling, I remember asking myself… Where on earth do I start? Am I even capable of learning all this? Is it really worth all the trouble?  

Well the good news is, this program is FAR from those confusing marketing programs you’ll see out there. I’ve coached over a hundred clients from different parts of the world and have a pretty good grasp of where most of the difficulties are. And if there’s one thing I realized, it’s this:

Overwhelm is what keeps business owners like you and me from seeing results. When lessons become too complicated, people procrastinate on taking action. And no action simply means NO RESULTS. People end up wasting their hard earned money on courses that they never actually finish, which is a shame. Now, I don’t want you to regret your experience with this course, so I have designed it with immediate RESULTS in mind. Read on to see what happy business owners have said.

what others are saying

Lizzy Hammond Chantal Review

The programmes are amazing and My sales have increased with each programme I have done. Chantal has a wealth of knowledge, which She delivers in a passionate , energetic, caring way. 

Rafael Mata Chantal REview

Thank you Chantal for all your phenomenal Facebook coaching thus far! It’s our second session and I am already seeing results. There is a lot to take in and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, but Chantal is first class all the way. She has shown me what to do and how to do it so I maximise our business exposure, generating more leads and achieving results. Highly recommend!

Alison Dun chantal reviewlop Kinesiology

Chantal has brought passion and life back in to my Business! Her professional and friendly manner has put me at ease, and my business confidence has improved out of site. Her strategies work, I have even had customers contact me within minutes of improving my page. Thank you 


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