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Why you may be missing out on getting business on Facebook

Is this YOU? Do You have an Unprofessional profile?
Did you know your Facebook profile is unprofessional if:
  • You have a poorly set up personal profile
  • Your settings are too high leading to potential clients not being able to contact you
  • You don’t have contact details or working links to your business
  • You forget to remind people, friends and family of what you do and what you are looking for work
  • You are unclear of what you do, leading to an unclear profile, so you get lost
  • You have set up another personal profile as a business page, this confuses the Facebook algorithm and anyone searching for your business. You also lose out on the public search abilities that facebook page offers.
  • You don’t know facebook group etiquette and may get blocked.
  • You post content with no Intention, which has no educational value, authority, relationship building or humour and doesn’t relate to your ideal client.
  • Your business page is incorrectly set up in the wrong category with incorrect search words, location and even name.
  • You have set the privacy on your page so high that other businesses cant tag you or your contact links are incorrect or hidden.
  • You are unclear on your point of difference and unique selling point making your messaging unclear
  • You have no Facebook sales funnel or conversion strategy, and people get lost on your page (or you have no call to action).
  • You never post or post inconsistently, never answer messages, have non-engaging posts and the algorithm works against you
  • You join facebook pods or buy fans who aren’t your ideal client, so the algorithm gets stumped and doesn’t produce clients for you.
  • You don’t understand notifications or leads on Facebook, and don’t know how to turn them into paying clients

It’s not your fault! With this new era of using Facebook in your business, and with needing to take advantage of the free marketing opportunities Facebook offers, its vital to learn how to use the platform, understand its capabilities and develop an effective strategy so it becomes more than a time-waster… It becomes a lead generator.

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