Creating an online offer that sells on Facebook

To create an online offer that sells on Facebook is incredibly important right now because Facebook users are up by 70%. This is good news, there are 70% more people are onto Facebook at the moment, which means you could be in front of them. The bad news is, is that everybody’s on Facebook trying to sell their wares at the moment, which means unless you do it well you may not sell.

Never underestimate the power of words when correctly used. I am going to show you how to create a valuable, desirable offer that your customer cannot say no to.

I had to teach myself everything I know – It was a matter of survival. I am going to share with you all the things that I did wrong so that you can learn from my mistakes – Maybe you can resonate with some of them.  

  • I wasted money on supposed quick fixes and false promises from generalists. And I can tell you right now there’s a crapload of generalists that are creeping out from underneath the works.
  • I downloaded every free ebook and watched every YouTube video ane either didn’t understand it or didn’t implement it.
  • I wasted heaps of time trying to do everything that somebody suggested but it got me nowhere.

What happens when you take bits and pieces of information and try and put it all together you end up with a patchwork assorted bit of information that does not blend very well. And believe it or not, I irritated people because I did a lot of spammy things purely out of desperation. You would have seen some of the spammy things come up coming out at the moment, there’s a lot of people that are inboxing complete strangers, and trying to sell to them without even saying hello, how are you? This is one of my worst favourites. But I stared aimlessly at the screen hoping for a different result and getting the same point this results.

I don’t know if some of you’ve done this one, but business coaches have this thing where they tell you if you want to be seen more on Facebook, and if you want to grow your branding on Facebook, do a Live every day and see what happens. But guess what? You will be disappointed. And the real kicker is that you are providing heaps and heaps of valuable content, which people keep telling you to do. But no one’s seeing it or no one’s appreciating it. And guess what it does not do? Feed the family. 

I would like to show you the easy way – a way that works. Okay, so what does online success look like? 

Imagine, just feel this for a moment 

  • You jump out of bed every single day, excited to serve your clients.
  • You have the knowledge and the time to effectively create content onFacebook.
  • You have an easy to follow action plan.
  • You enjoy spending your 20 minutes online connecting with your perfect clients that come into your business.
  • New opportunities are created through Facebook such as speaking opportunities, podcast, interviews, radio, TV collaborations.
  • These can all be created through Facebook.
  • Your Business has increased visibility and stands out from your competitors.
  • You become known for what it is that you do.
  • You are happy your clients are happy and more clients and opportunities present themselves – That would be amazing.
  • You get paid for your work.
  • You’re in demand and your business has the systems in place to run smoothly and to scale.

Who would like that to wake up every single day feeling that it all just works? It’s 20 minutes on Facebook, get up and it just frickin works. And it’s not soul-sucking. Everybody seems to think that you have to do EVERYTHING on Facebook. And you don’t have to do everything on Facebook, you only have to do the things that are going to get you the result that you want, which should be income. You don’t just play on Facebook for nothing. 

So would you like to know how to get clients without spending your lives or your money on Facebook? 

Simple success. How does that look? You have a desirable offer that someone is prepared to pay for because it solves a problem which is causing distress or disease. 

So just think about it for a second. If it is desirable, then don’t have to sell it, people are happy to pay for something if it’s desirable, and it solves a problem.

You know who wants it and where they are on Facebook.

Facebook’s free capabilities, along with the right key messaging, which are your words, and the correct etiquette is all you need to succeed. 

So these are things to consider
  1. What lights your fire. Because if it does not light your fire and you do not enjoy doing it every single day, people are going to feel it and you’re not going to have a wonderful life either. So you first start with what absolutely lights your fire. My example is that I was a school teacher. I was a swimming coach. I was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I was a triathlete coach. Everything I’ve ever done has always been motivating, inspiring and educating. That absolutely lights my fire. Leading is What I love.
  2. What do people really know like and trust about you? Now this one’s a bit of a toughy. My daughter did an online church service the other day, and she came running out and showed me a picture that they were working on. And it was a picture of her lying in the grave with a question. ‘When we die, what do we want to be remembered for?’ These are the things that people already know like and trust. So if you did pass away and people stood up, and they said things about you, what would be the common things that would keep coming up?
  3. What problem do they have that you can solve? What problem is it that you solve?
  4. Who are those people who would pay you for that? Who are your ideal clients? It’s not everybody because the reality is not everybody is ready for you right now. They may not want you right now they may not be ready to pay for you right now. They may not be ready to receive the training it is that you would give them right now. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if they are not ready they are not ready. We do not want to be putting our desirable offer in front of people who are not ready for us and are not ready to pay for us.
  5. Make a valuable, desirable, irresistible customer outcome focused offer.  

And I can not, can not, use those words enough because each of those words means different things and it is incredibly important when putting your offer together. How is it going to be valuable not for you but the client? How is it going to be desirable, not to you because of the results that you’ve gotten personally in your life, but desirable to them because we have to meet people where they are at. We sell them the idea of what it is that they want. We market to them according to what it is that they think they need. But we give them what they need. I hope that that makes sense. irresistible, so filled with loads of bonuses. And it is customer and outcome-focused. 

This is how we’re going to get accelerated success.
  • Stalk yourself. You have got to know how you look online to everybody else, you may think you know how you look online, but you need you really need to look objectively. What is the perception you would give to people and if it is fluffy, and if it’s unclear, or if it’s confusing, it’s not going to translate to customers, because people have to make a choice in giving you money over somebody else, and they’re not going to choose you if it’s unclear who or what you are? 
  • Stalk your competitors. Have a look at what everybody else is doing because to stand out from them, you need to make sure that your unique selling point and your point of difference stands out. There is no point, if you’re an accountant, promoting that you do tax returns because every accountant does tax returns. What’s more important to the customer, what they care more about. We’ve got to know what that difference is and bring it to the top. There are 1000 accountants, all of them do tax returns, but you the person who has to work with the other person, you are unique. So you stress this in your social media, you need to be showing your unique selling point – You.
  • Stalk your previous clients. So if you have a look at your previous clients and see how well they’re doing, identify whether or not they have progressed if they haven’t progressed, what additional support can you give them? What more can you add to your offer? How else could you assist them? Why is it that they did or didn’t get their results? And then we’ve got a stalk of prospective clients, we’ve got to see where they hang out on Facebook. Where are they? Where do they hang out? What language do they use? What are they interested in? Because the relationship has to be nurtured and if we want to take money from people relationships have to be two-sided.  
  • Brain dump your income opportunities. Now I’m telling you right now that if you want accelerated success and if you actually want to make money from what it is that you do, you need to stop doing what it is that you do. And you need to first go and work out how you’re actually going to earn money from what it is that you do. Your income opportunities could be anything from one on one coaching, group coaching, membership site, guest blogging, webinars, whatever those are, you need to put it all down then create desirable offers. 
  • Monetize your desirable offer, what is it that you need to do in order to get money at the end? What are the steps? How are we going to develop that relationship? How are we going to nurture online relationships? And how are we actually going to get them to hand over that money? And what is the process that we’re going to do? How are we going to automate that as well, because you don’t want to manually be doing all of that? 
  • Go forth and get them. And that comes down to the strategy and that’s that whole funnel. And people hate that F word – funnel. But the word funnel is really the customer journey, from the time that you first touch them, and they get interested in what it is that you’re offering, that journey that you take them on until you finally get a guest and they pay you money. We need to document that entire process because that is the strategy, that is a strategy that you can replicate and reproduce, and you can refine so that you make money.

The most common denominator is that everybody does it wrong, they will just go on to Facebook and post all over and hope something’s going to happen. And their biggest downfall is that people genuinely don’t know how to effectively communicate what it is that they do. In your heads and in your lives and with the people you work with, you know exactly what it is that you do, but people struggle with effectively communicating it, especially in the written word. When we are talking with a prospective client, they can see your face, see your mannerisms. They can see how you’re responding. And they can get a sense of how you’re feeling when you’re talking. And that helps us to understand what it is that you say, but with the written word and with the images that you put on it’s very difficult for us to understand what it is exactly that You do? And if someone doesn’t know what it is that you do, that’s not their fault. That’s your fault. It means that you have not shown it clearly enough.

Social media is not about being fluffy. It is about being 100% clear. 
  1. Share your story. And I can’t I cannot say this enough but people say ‘I did my share my story, I shared it last year when I when I started my page’, but we forget that we get new subscribers all the time, new subscribers on your Facebook page, on your personal profile in your groups. And people forget. The way that we build relationships is by sharing your story, so we need to at least share your business backstory, your why, your passion, at least once a week if not once a fortnight or once a month.
  2. Relevant content. It is topical. It is trendy. It is relevant not to you, but relevant to your ideal customer because it’s going to attract them, attraction marketing if you must. And it shows us that we care about our audience and about the people that we are wanting to bring into our business. And that’s how we strengthen that relationship.
  3. Share your point of difference. And I touched on this earlier when we spoke about your competitor, your competitors and sharing your point of difference. We don’t want to be shouting what your competitors are shouting, we’re sharing on Facebook, what it is that you do differently, and why they should choose you over everybody else. And guess what, it’s perfectly okay. If they do not choose you, there is somebody for everyone.
  4. Showing your expertise and problem-solving. This is a true story. I had a gentleman he must have had about two Live Chat calls with me. He kept talking about his business and he couldn’t understand why I was charging what I was charging when he could go onto YouTube and download a video. Well, if it was that simple everyone else would be a millionaire. If it was that simple I could just start a page, throw $1,000 on Facebook ads and make a million dollars and it would all happen, we’d all be millionaires. It doesn’t work like that. It’s all about relationship building and trust first. But the reason that you can charge what it is that you charge is dependent on whether or not you can actually solve somebody’s problem and whether or not you can share your expertise with them and show the expertise that you have over and above everyone else.
  5. Giving social proof you want share testimonials and reviews from your clients, because people want to see the results that other people are getting. And not only that, but they don’t want to hear you tooting your own horn.
  6. Engaging in your audiences. So how we effectively communicate with what it is that we do is engaging with our audience. And that is by responding, by commenting, by following up or getting involved in conversations or inviting them to have a conversation.
  7. Call to action. And this is quite a huge one that people often neglect. It doesn’t need to be a salesy call to action at the end. It just needs to be something that is going to get engagement, that’s going to prompt them to take action. And that action could be just to look at your reviews. It could be just to ask a question. It could be just to give feedback. But we want to encourage a two-way conversation so that it is a mutually beneficial relationship and it’s not a one-sided
These are the three myths I’m going to dispel about Facebook 

#1 The right person will buy the right offer presented the right way online. There are three aspects to that, the person, the offer and presenting the right way online because if you do it the wrong way online, they will not purchase the offer. Another colleague the other day gave me an example of somebody who did an offer, they put it online. She tried to contact them but the offer the link was broken. She tried to private messaged them, couldn’t do it, couldn’t find it on their website. She was desperately trying to find this offer what it was that they had, which smells dodgy to me. But you’ve got to make sure that it is done the right way or will not work. Doing things the wrong way will create distrust, and when there’s distrust, you’ve probably lost that person. 

#2 You do not have to spend hours and hours online doing every single thing you’ve ever heard of. To get a client online, you only need to spend about 20 minutes a day. And to tell you the truth, it is a bit longer when you’re first starting out because you need to do the stalking and the strategising in the beginning, which are my two favourite words when you’re doing all the stalking, doing all the strategy, it’s going to take a bit of time. Not only that, but you’re going to do a bit of testing and trialling, once you have all of that you have an income-producing strategy, which is going to get results.

#3 You do not have to gamble your hard-earned money away on two things. And that is one on Facebook ads and outsourcing to somebody else. You are the business owner, the best person to do it


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