How To Apply for Awards

My first and foremost reason for wanting to win an award. To be recognized for my accomplishments.  I wanted credibility. I wanted to be the person with the ‘award winning’ title and I wanted to prove to myself I could do it.  

I paid $1500 to a PR company to apply for an award. I seriously thought that it was a DONE DEAL. I even took my daughters dress shopping with me and bought a ‘way too expensive’ dress as I said to them I was manifesting it.

But, I did not win the award. 

I was devo! and embarrassed for having gotten them excited about nothing.

After I picked myself up off the floor, and dusted myself off, I thought hmmmmm, I need to set an example for them and try again.

I looked at the process of applying for awards and although it looked a lot easier to give it to someone else to do, I wanted to understand and CONQUER the process for myself. That ongoing price would get expensive long-term with having multiple award entries to pay for.

The first award I won was …

Nominated Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia by Anthill Magazine

My partner and I flew to Melbourne and spent a glorious weekend partying and visiting with family.
I have since been nominated and won multiple National and International awards over the last 6 years.

My BIGGEST most REWARDING ACCOMPLISHMENT was …. having got to the point where I could do it myself.

You see, the process of going through the application process taught me so many things about my business:

💪 It made me see things I hadn’t prioritized

💪It made me look at unconsidered things

💪 It made me more confident in my business model

💪It made me more certain in my deliverables

💪It made me a more capable business owner  

💪It made me look out how I could be better

I’ve fine-tuned this method so it is easily replicable and doesn’t take FOREVER

(Ps – the Telstra award is one that will take you forever lol – true story – I was a finalist for Testra Energized and Emerging Business and It took weeks to go through the process – but this HACK I have for you will help make it easier if that’s on your bucket list)

Where to find them: 

  • Search on google or check our VIP Facebook group. 
  • Find ones that have an award that will give you credibility. 

What’s your WHY? Why enter awards?

Did you know that businesses who regularly enter awards report increased sales and income against businesses who don’t enter. 

  • Recognition of your achievements boosts your morale 
  • They instil trust worthiness 
  • Increased online visibility
  • Increased credibility
  • Strengthening your brand in the marketplace
  • Review your business model against the industry standard
  • Become a more professional business owner who understands their business better.
  • Find the gaps and fill them
  • Being able to charge more

Research data notes that award winning companies generate 37% more sales to those who didn’t win. 

How to enter awards.

Your Project starts here:

  • Find the right award for you (paid or free). Your entry should speak specifically to that award and have a winning angle.
  • Create an awards folder. Save the questions and answers in the folder
  • Save all the additional resources in that folder (Awards, social proof, credibility, success stories) 
  • Read between the lines of each question and answer using all the word count you can. Include all details. 
  • Give them all the support materials they require. Prove claims and show quantitative results.
  • Communicate it as if you are writing to a stranger (because you are). Make your message memorable so stay on topic. Include your point of differences and any additional traits. I was once nominated based on the fact that I included a netwalking group. 
  • Your Story from beginning to the end, showing challenges, obstacles, learnings, and successes. (My daughter often says that she couldn’t enter a tv show like The Voice because she doesn’t have a dramatic story. You just must find a growth moment – we all have one or some)
  • Its ok if you get a NO. The feedback I got from various judges at The International Stevie awards was both extremely favorable and then I had some completely not complimentary of what I do. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. 
  • Allocate time. It is a process. Take note of the deadline and award night.

The award night is an additional cost. I flew to Melbourne for mine. It was a great night out and I was able to network and gain further visibility and credibility.

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