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How to Get more people booking discovery calls

How to Get more people booking discovery calls

Before people spend money with you they’re going to want to have a chat with you off of social media. They’re not going to want to give you their money unless they’ve at least had a conversation with you. So the Discovery call is quite important. But there are ways to make it easier. And that is getting a yes subliminally through social media before they actually get on that call with you.

But we also have to compel them enough to actually pick up the phone. Because as much as it’s scary for you to do those discovery calls, it’s just too scary for a stranger to pick up a call and phone you to find out about what it is that you do. So it’s a two sided scariness thing that we have.

Strategy Call vs Discovery Call

A strategy call is when you get someone on the phone to give them a taste of what it is that you can do for them.

A discovery call is all about getting to know the person’s business better to see whether or not you want to work with them. And whether or not you can actually be impactful and make a difference in their lives. And then offer them an opportunity to work together.

Consider how many calls per week you need to do.  It is important to understand that you are not going to convert all of them. Some of those people may not be right for you or they may not be ready for you.  So it’s important to get used to the fact that you may get a couple of no’s, and that’s okay. Sometimes it might even be a no for right now. They may just to be nurtured some more to build trust with them.

If you know that you only convert, say, a quarter of what you get. That means if you did 12 calls in a week and you only converted a quarter of that, you’re only going to get three clients. So have a look at how many clients do you need to work out how many calls are needed.

Here are my tips
  1. How do we get people onto a call? Post consistently, consistently isn’t like twice a week.  There have been some changes in Facebook over the last week and I’ve noticed a slight decrease in reach and a decrease in engagement. The whole point of posting is to build that know like and trust, to build brand awareness. Your posts must also not be fluffy, you have to be clear in your messaging.
  2. Engage. So not only do you post but you have to go back and engage with those people. Why? For all the reasons that you posted, to build know, like and trust for brand awareness, for connection, reliability, clarity, and to get a yes. That engagement shows that you give a damn.
  3. We literally have to ask. And sometimes we don’t have to say “do you want to have a discovery call?” We could say “Let’s chat”.  We have to use the language that works in that casual environment. You could say, “Hey, send me a message.”  Or perhaps “send me an email.”  
And where can you do that?
  • -social media on all your platforms.
  • -on your email sequence in your newsletter.
  • -When you market an event, at the end of the event, in an opt-in.
  • -once you’ve given someone a checklist.
  • -in any handouts you have
  • -at the end of a podcast
  • -let your past clients know that you’re looking for referrals
  • -in your Facebook Lives
  • -in a lead form, which is basically a form or inquiry form that someone would fill out.
  • -when you give away freebies
  • -when you sell products
  • -in your Youtube description

You basically have got to make it easy for everyone to take that step.

Putting FOMO on a can help. “So, for next week, I have availability for three more calls”, or “to the next three people who contact me. I’m giving a free chat and call”. “I’m available in the next hour or two if you would like to reach out and have a chat.”

These are all ways that we can compel people to book a call with us.

It is vitally important that people feel like they’re being supported and not sold to. That is when you’re getting them to book the call. And in the call. They need to feel like they’re being supported. Not sold to.

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