Here are my 9 R’s for 2021. These are my tips to get ready for the new year and start it off on a clean slate and ready for success.

  1. Rebalance – use your wheel of life and rebalance yourself regularly to see where you need to make changes.   I also use the acronym SPICES, Socially, Physically, Intellectually, Creatively, Emotionally and Spiritually.  Use the SPICES
  2. Reviewing reports – nobody likes to review reports but it is so important.  Look at your google analytic reports, your insight reports.  Have a look at them and get a feel for what they are telling you.  
  3. Recover – go and recover all of your Facebook content.  Download it and save it along with your backups.   You can download your personal profile and your pages.  Facebook could delete your profile at any time, you do not own your profile, Facebook does.  They can take it away at any time. 
  4. Relook at your URL’s – go back and test them, make sure they are all right.  Test your customer journey and funnels. Things can go wrong and you need to correct them before you start losing customers.
  5. Reorganize and declutter.  Not just your physical environment but also your online environment. 
  6. Rest – you need to put aside time to rest.  Your body and mind need to have a chance to rejuvenate.  Set aside time each day, week and for the year. Remember to schedule in your holidays, schedule in any family vacations or special events. 
  7. Refresh – get a new haircut, change your office around, refresh your banner –  anything you want. Change is as good as a holiday.
  8. Revenue – go and look at your finances for the last six months or for the last financial year. What can you do? What can you cut back on? Go look at what are your expenses coming up in the next six months.  Chances are you have annual fees or payments that are not necessary or for things you no longer use.  Eliminate payments for things you don’t use or need.
  9. Release – release your negativity, release any self-doubt.  If that means going and punching something at the gym, or burning it on the full moon on a piece of paper, whatever works for you do it.

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