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Pre-launch, Beta or User Testing as a vital step before Launching

Beta testing is when you pre-release a program or course for end-users to test and comment on before releasing the final full-price version.  This is a very beneficial thing to do. Particularly if your business is relatively new and you need to gather social credibility. 

I had a client once who absolutely refused to offer her services at a lower introductory price. This client was new to her industry and had no social proof and no testimonials.  People do not want to spend their hard-earned money on someone they do not know.  Potential clients need to know, like and trust you before they dig deep into their pockets.  This client ended up having a really low turnout and was very disappointed and disheartened.  If she had dropped her introductory price for the greater good I believe the turnout would have been a lot better.

By offering an introductory price, or the pre-release price you are increasing you potential clients willingness to part with less money.  Now, you may be selling your product or service for less than it is worth, but, you are gaining clients that can give you testimonials, referrals and feedback.  As part of the introductory offer, you need to make it clear that you will be asking for feedback at the end of the session.  They will be getting heaps of value at a lower price and in return, they will give testimonials and honest feedback.  

You cannot put a price on social credibility

Realistically you cannot force a person to complete a survey or give feedback. Therefore it is a good idea is for you to offer something like a lucky draw for those who did give feedback or complete the survey.  This will entice them to stick to their part of the deal.

I strongly recommend that everyone does a beta test, or end-user test before releasing their product or service.  You need to know if the system is working from a users point of view.  Knowing if something needs to be changed or added will be beneficial to the quality of your offer.  This is an important process to ensure that your end-user has the best journey possible and value for money.

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