The NLP Sales process is a five-step process.

You can think of this from a marketing perspective, or you can think of this as a sales process thing. When you’re actually on the phone with somebody, or even emailing somebody a proposal, it’s important to consider these things.

  1. Establishing rapport, or, awareness, you’ve got to be aware of the person that’s in front of you. And I think so many people when they get into the sales process don’t. They just go, I do this, I do this, and they speak to everyone and they don’t speak to that person. To establish rapport, because people who are like each other tend to like each other. So if you can bridge that gap, by changing your physical physiology, which is your gestures, and your movements and your body, or adjusting even the tone in your voice, so if they talk slowly, you talk slowly. If they talk quietly, you talk quieter. You don’t do it in a mannerism that’s going to be offensive, you’re going to do it subtly. If they talk a bit higher, you might just choose to go in a higher frame of voice. If someones breathing fast or blinking fast, you can start to blink fast and sip a little bit, and move a little bit faster with them, but also pay attention to some of the keywords that they use, which is so important. So if Jodi keeps saying, she wants to make money, she wants to make money, she wants to make money, it’s time to earn some money. And I’ve heard her say that a few times. The keyword there is money. You are going to write down the keyword money because that’s the word you’re going to use. So Jodi, would you like me to help you make some money? Yep. And you’re going to use that word because you’re getting a yes from inside.
  2. Ask questions, okay. The questions are directly, obviously related to the person using their language. And you’re going to ask the questions based on what they’re interested in achieving. So what do you do? What are you interested in? For what purpose? Do you want to do that? So they talk about going deeper? So don’t so go to the purpose and the intention of why they want them? Why do you want to make money?
  3. Then is you need to establish a need to establish the value. So you’ve got to propose a solution to the client’s problems, but it has to be their values base, not your values base. You’ve got to make it about the value, not the price. I
  4. Linking the need and the value to your product or your service. And this just comes down to a desirable offer. We all know offers or offers are the same. But you need to make it desirable to the person who you’re talking to. So when you propose, the proposal should be clear on how you can solve their problems. And only tell the client enough to make it possible for them to purchase. This is huge. I’ve done a lot of sales training before and it’s important to know when to stop selling. So using sensory acuity, you can look at them or listen to them and you can see or feel whether or not the client is in that happy place, and you’re going to get a yes.
  5. Closing and asking for the order. And this is where future pacing comes in, which is important. You could say, for example, Imagine yourself in five months, where you’ve done the program, it’s all mapped out, It looks good to you, it feels good to you and you are where you want to be, etc. And if there are objections, obviously you need to handle those objections. But again, using your sensory acuity and the language that they use, use the same language to match and mirror use rapport and go at it at another angle because you’re always going to get people that may have objections.

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