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Top Fan Badges on Facebook

You may have seen a badge on Facebook that says ‘You are a Top Fan of this Facebook Page’. But have a think about why Facebook does this?

They need you to engage to be able to gather data for their algorithm.

Facebook Pages have been seeing a reduction in organic reach since Facebook is a business and they want to make money on paid advertising, not organic reach.

So Facebook as has done this to increase engagement and organic reach so that they can continue to gather data to boost the effectiveness of their algorithm thereby increasing the effectiveness of their paid advertising.

They are incentivising people for engaging, which is a good thing for organic reach. It is a good idea to thank those top fans, I try to do it monthly, see who your top engagers are and thank them for their contributions. You could offer your top fans a discount or a freebie for being so loyal. You could also use your top fans to find out what they want to see more of or less of. These are the people who are on your page more than anyone else, their opinion is important. You could ask them for a review or to share your page with their friends who may also enjoy your content the way they do.

Have you noticed the Top Fan Badge while scrolling Facebook?

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