Valuable Desirable Offer

Valuable Desirable Offer! You all have them.
Today I wanted to talk about desirable offers and how you can create them.

You just need to pull it all together and package it to get a YES from your ideal client when they see it. When you know your ideal client, and you know what they are struggling with, pull together all the relevant Ebooks, blogs, videos and podcasts, create a workbook with cheat sheets and templates, then include your support group, coaching calls or mastermind sessions. Value pack and present it online. Your ideal client will be compelled to take advantage of your desirable offer. Why? Because they desire it And It’s valuable! It won’t be a ‘sell’ at all! It’ll be a much-appreciated service

what I would like you to do is consider every bit of good content you published previously

Blogs, ebooks, podcasts, interviews and any long posts that you’ve done that you put together that are really truly valuable to your ideal client, that basically addresses their problem and their pain points. So when you consider your ideal client, what their pain is & what problem it is that they’re having then you start to create content around that and you answer all those objections. Then you can put them together and have it beautifully packaged to present to your client.

So when people talk about having to stand out online

Do you need to consider how are you going to do that? When all the people are selling the same thing, what is different about you? The biggest thing and the unique selling point is you, people buy you, what it is that you do and the way that you work with your clients is going to make a huge difference. So when you consider all the good content you’ve put together, ebooks, blogs, posts & interviews which handles every bit of a client’s pain point and you package that together that now becomes a valuable offer something you can say to someone, hey when you choose to work with me, on top of this, I’m going to give you this! Oh and I’m also going to give you this! And these will answer your problems. These are going to deal with that objection for your clients.

Sometimes it takes working with a coach to get your strategy right.
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